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Revolutionary clip which prevents clothes from slipping off by a mechanism which converts the power of the sliding motion of clothes to the power of the tightening of clips to hold onto the clothes.
TAYA Clip This figure is a cross section indicating the power transmitted to the clip.
When the clothing is about to slip off, friction resistance acts on the anti-slip parts, drawing the entire part downwards.
We define such power as F. Because the anti-slip part is fixed to the upper part of the clip, power F is transmitted through the clip and to the secure fixing point.
We define these forces as F1 and F2.
As indicated in the figure, the main power of F1 can be divided into F1a, a directional power of the rotary fulcrum and F1b, the power working tangent to the circle centering on a rotation fulcrum.
Tangential power F1b and F2b are the power that tightens the clip's grip on the clothing. Therefore, power applied to clothing between the clip is improved.
Protector hanger
Protector hanger
Steel hangers come with shoulder pads applied to the shoulder of the wire hanger. This hanger has a smart shape and enables you to display your clothes' shoulder line neatly.
Inner hanger
Inner hanger
The delicate line of the steel frame is composed of iron. Such a feature creates a sense of luxury when inner wear and this hanger combined are displayed together.