Message from the President

President Hatsuo Sugita The aging rate in the Japanese manufacturing industry is escalating in present day.
In the near future, domestic hanger production will surely be faced with this serious issue.
 Fortunately, there are young workers in Taya who have a passion for product creation and manufacturing
and I believe it is necessary to pass on the knowledge for what it takes to create better products to these young workers.
From my experience, a better product creation is different from fabricating materials.
One must have a versatile vision in design, coloring, and functionality.
A skilled craftsman may even select environment-friendly materials and such a sophisticated mind is always keen to adapt to new technology.
Therefore, whenever I have a chance to talk with our passionate young workers, I always advise them to love what they do and to take much pride and cherish their jobs.
 We continue to deliver the best products by merging this youthful passion
and skilled craftsmanship, continuing to evolve into a company that is always capable of responding to the ever-changing demands of our clients.

History of TAYA and vision of our future

At the start of business, TAYA was a metal processing factory, creating parts for machinery and diesel engine.
Soon after, we start receiving order for metal clothe hanger, which was quite scarce at that time.
TAYA eventually obtained utility model patent for double sided spring skirt hanger.
With this success, TAYA transformed factory line, focusing hanger as main products until present date.
Currently, TAYA mainly produce patent products domestically, improving quality and design of clothe hanger products.
While continuously providing superior products, TAYA also specialized in store fixture such as in-store display stands, introducing certain uniformity in both design and materials, offering stylish quality store equipment on daily basis.
While domestic manufacturing industry is aging, TAYA continues to challenging better products creation with skilled craftsman ship, at the same time, we make sure handing our engineering heritage and creative passion to our younger workers.
It is our mission to continue providing cutting edge products which reflect our sophisticated philosophy in product engineering.